Financial situations and medical payments can be difficult and frustrating. Here at Chattanooga Tongue Tie Center we want to make the payment process as simple and headache-free as possible. Additionally, we want to make sure you can get access to important treatment for your child. Continue reading to see how we accomplish these goals.

  • No Hidden Charges

    The total cost is declared before care, with no hidden or unexpected charges afterwards.

  • Simple Payment

    Cash, Check, Card, or Care Credit accepted. Payment Plans available on a per case basis. Military and Tenncare discounts available.

  • Free Follow-up Visits

    If follow-up visits are needed for any reason, they will be done at no extra charge.

  • Guaranteed for Life

    In the rare occasion that an oral restriction reattaches, we’ll fix it for free!

Insurance Coverage

Many dental insurance companies will deny the tongue or lip tie procedure by classifying it as a congenital medical condition. Or they may place unnecessary restrictions on accessing care in a timely manner due to predetermination or attempts to delay approval of your child’s beneficial care. We will provide you with a dental insurance claim form to submit for possible reimbursement.

Even so, many medical/health insurance plans cover the procedure, and we will provide you with a health insurance claim form that you can submit to request reimbursement. Filing the claim is the responsibility of the patient, and we cannot guarantee that insurance plans will pay for any of the procedures. Patients will be informed of the up front charges and will pay out of pocket before treatment is completed.

To better know what both your dental and medical insurance will reimburse you – we recommend calling them prior to your appointment and asking what Out-Of-Network benefits your plan offers and what information they will need to process the claim.