Why Choose Us?

Chattanooga Tongue Tie Center is located within Wright Pediatric Dentistry’s facility, which was designed specifically with children’s comfort in mind and houses up-to-date technology. Dr. Wright and his dental team are passionate to help improve children’s lives while being professional, caring, and supportive.

Unique, Comfortable Experience

While most offices that service tongue and lip ties do so from their normal pediatric dentistry office, Chattanooga Tongue Tie Center has created a completely separate space to provide a more relaxed and comfortable experience. Mothers do not have to wait in a crowded lobby with twenty or so people, but rather have a comfortable living room type space to wait in. This space was designed specifically for this procedure and with mother’s and children’s needs in mind, including two couches, a private changing table, and multiple windows to allow for cheering, natural light. We pride ourselves in creating a unique and comfortable experience that allows mother’s to prepare, nurse, or console their child in peace.

Dental Technology

Our office is brand new and designed to incorporate some of the latest dental technology to help us treat your child comfortably, safely and efficiently. These technologies include:

Surgical and Dental Co2 Light Scalpel Laser

Dr. Wright uses the safest and most efficient Co2 laser on the market. It is used in our office primarily to perform lip and tongue tie releases, however, it is also used to remove oral pathologies and reduce gingival overgrowth.

Oral Conscious Sedation

We can administer an oral sedative, to relax your child before performing any restorative dental procedure. Safe and effective, Oral Sedation allows your child to remain awake and aware, while reducing their anxiety.

Calming Nitrous Sedation

If your child is anxious about going to the dentist, Nitrous Oxide (also known as “laughing gas”) is a safe and effective sedative agent we can use to calm your child’s fears.

Accessible Location

Chattanooga Tongue Tie Center is conveniently located just off Exit 9 of I-75. Because of the short distance from the interstate there is almost no traffic, allowing for extremely easy access from the Chattanooga, Sweetwater, and surrounding areas.